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SIM to Track

SIM to Track Day

Ever wanted to experience driving a fully prepared race car on a race circuit?

Not confident enough to do a Track Day?

Now is your chance to drive a fully prepared Caterham Supersport race car on an iconic race circuit.

SIM Motorsport, the UK's most advanced race car simulation company, has partnered with Championship-winning Alpha 7 Motorsport to offer the perfect introduction to a Track Day. Whether you want to do more track days or actually race, you will experience a professional, adrenaline-fueled track day that includes both SIM and on-track instruction.

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SIM to Track

Race instruction by MSUK qualified coaches in the UK's most advanced race car simulators ensures you gain confidence in driving the correct racing lines, braking and turn-in points, clipping points, and exit landmarks.


It's time to put into practice what you've learned on the track by driving one of the race-prepared Caterham Supersports from Alpha 7 Motorsports.

SIM to Track
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sim corner.png

From SIM....(Ben Collins - X STIG testing)

SIM to Track
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To Track...

SIM to Track
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07.00 am


Meet at SIM Motorsport Trackside Race Centre

07.30 am


Sign on at Race Control

08.25 am


Briefing from Track day company

08.30 am


Each driver must complete 3 sighting laps

09.00 am

09.30 am


Track familiarisation and testing with instruction


On track with Instruction 

1.00 pm


Review and SIM time

01.30 am


On track with Instruction 

4.00 pm


5.00 pm

SIM Motorport Fastest Lap Challenge


Full track day including a minimum of 1 hrs race car simulation with instruction*

* Caterham 150 Supersports - race prepared to curent MSA / CGRC regs, including all consumables /tyres /pads /fuel etc.
Camera and data recording, AIM packages using Solo DL and GP3 Cams. Support staff and equipment for set up changes. 
Includes drinks and refreshments (bottled water / energy snacks/ hot drinks.)
Minimum of 3 Drivers per car 
Timings may change depending on Race circuit
Helmets not included but can be hired for the day.
Lunch not included. 

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